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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trinmool congress wins bengal election

First of all we are sorry for late updates due to blogspot down time. On the day when West bengal assembly election results 2011 were declared along with Tamilnadu, kerala, Assam , Pondicheri,
Blogger was down for maintenance hence we could not post the live result of assembly elections.

So the news as everyone knows , Trinmool congress lead by Mamta banerjee bet CPM and left to win west bengal assembl election 2011.

After 34 years, a different party is all set to rule the state as the people of bengal voted for a change this time.

Congratulations to people of bengal for voting and showing , Change is possible.
Congratulations to Trinmool congree party leaders and workers for a great win.

keep visiting this blog website for live election result updates.


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