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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vitthal Radadiya wins Dhoraji seat

Controversial congress candidate Vitthal Radadiya wins Dhoraji seat as Gujarat assembly elections results are being declared. It is the trend that the voters of Dhoraji always vote for him whether he is an independent candidate or congress candidate. So in real terms, it is his own win and not congress' win.

Amit Shah wins Naranpura seats in Gujarat ekections 2012

As the results of Gujarat assembly elections 2012 declared today, Former BJP home minister and tall leader Shri Amit shah won from Naranpura assembly seat with huge margin beating jitu bhai patel of congress leader. Lots of malicious campaigns were ran against him, still people believe in him and made him winner, said shah. Earlier he used to contest from Sarkhej vidhan sabha seat which was divided into 3 seats this time. i.e. Naranpura, Ghatlodia, Vejalpur.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Who will win Gujarat Elections ?

Who will win Gujarat Elections ? Can be the eaisest question can be asked in KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati ) For  Rs.1000 :) Everyone knows the answer. BJP Knows it. Congress can see it. People of Gujarat and political pundits are waiting for it. And not to surprise anyone...the answer is Narendra Modi of Gujarat BJP.

2012 Gujarat Assembly elections has already become one sided. Though many are arguing that Keshu bhai patel's Gujarat Pariavartan party may create hurdles and all, but the kind of candidates list it has come out, BJP knows that GPP is going to help in cutting congress votes. Many have speculated that Keshu bhai forming his own party can be gimmick of Modi only to divide votes of opposition.

Every one knows that the Current CM is going to hit hattrick. Still he is working super active this time. Not to win assembly elections. He had already won. He is working on to get maximum seats to create record. recently in interview he had said that He is seeing record breaking defeat of congress party in vidhan sabha chunav. A defeat something congress has not met in past 50 years. Thus, it is not election between BJP, Congress, GPP ane independent candidates but amongst BJP's priministerial candiates for loksabha election to be held in 2013 or 2014. What political pundits have been saying is......Modi will be chosen as NDA's PM candidate if he can increase the total no of winning seats in upcoming Gujarat assembly elections forwhich voting to take place on 13th December 2012 and 17th December 2012. Picture will be clear on the Result day i.e. 20th December.

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Gujarat BJP releases Menifesto : Deshgujarat.com

Gujarat BJP today released its manifesto for Gujarat assembly elections 2012  in Amdavad in presence of Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat BJP President Shri RC Faldu, Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley and National Vice President of BJP Shri Purushottam Rupala.

-Sauni project to provide water to Saurashtra.
-Lake and wetland development authority to be set up.
-Double power generation capacity in five years.
-Gujarat to be presented as Green Gujarat.
-Ayurvedic, naturopathy forestry.
-My area my house. 28 lakh houses in rural, 22 lakh houses in urban Gujarat. A special department led by Chief Minister to execute this.
-Hostels for 4,000 more students and new scholarships.
-Gujarat Skill Development Corporation, Skill development University, Excellence center and skilled force of 2.5 crore students.
-Comprehensive approach for sports development. Sports policy.
-The state government to become guarantor for youths.
-Working women’s hostels in urban areas.
-Assistance for bank landing.
-Women’s colleges, ITIs, women run GIDC.
-Women’s courts.
-A new definition of middle class. An expert committee to finalize it.
-Chief Minister’s Amrutam scheme to cover more people in lower classes, new-middle class.
-Forward linkage, backward linkage in farm sector, agri sector infrastructure. Textile parks.
-To make Gujarat again a leader in the area of textile with aim to serve the cotton farmers.
-Kilkilat ambulances for new born child and mother.
-Encouraging scheme for birth of daughters.
-Specialty hospitals in Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara and North Gujarat for illnesses like kidney, heart, cancer.
-Hike in allotments in Van bandhu and Sagarkhedu schemes.
-Hike in labour wages.
-Port cargo to be increased by three times.
-An authority to be set up for property title clearing.
-Seva adhikar law to be introduced. Government employees have to complete their task in prescribed timing. Similar law is in implementation in Madhya Pradesh.
-Development of 12 Special Investment Regions.
-Statewide Wi-Fi network.

Source : Deshgujarat.com

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Updates - Gujarat assembly election 2012

Gujarat assembly election will take place on 13th December and 17th December 2012. Result will be declared on 20 december 2012.

Gujarat elections will be one of the most crucial elections of india as BJP's future prime minister candidate Narendra Modi has been ruling the state of Gujarat for past 9 years.

BJP high command brought modi in place of Keshu bhai patel immidietly after Keshubhai patel the former CM of gujarat was charged with corruption allegations in providing shelter to earthquake victims in kutch after the Gujarat earthquake 2001.

Narendra modi became the CM of Gujarat without fighting any elections. He had not fought even college level elections in his career. Later on he went on to win Gujarat Assembly elections 2002 and 2007.

Results of Upcoming gujarat assembly election will have impact on Loksabha election 2014

It was speculated that Narendra modi could lose 2007 gujarat assembly election due to no support from kathivadi people from saurashtra due to his rivalry with kathiyavadi former cm Keshu bhai patel. But people voted for modi because of development. And Narendra modi won the gujarat vidhan sabha election 2007 with great 2/3 majority.

In recently held municipal elections and panchayat elections in gujarat, BJP , led by modi won everywhere also where Congress used to win earlier.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midterm poll in 2012 as Mamata banerjee withdraws support to UPA 2 government ?

No and Yes. Both the answers possible. Though Mamata banerjee withdrew her support from current UPA 2 government, Manmohan singh still has enough members in loksabha to go on. But two other regional political parties like BSP and SP on which Congress is counting to continue UPA 2 government, are also no happy with FDI reforms and un reasonable  Diesel petrol price hike which took national as granted.

Mamata banerjee was part of government while these two regional parties of uttar pradesh  are outside supporters. Both the parties have more lok sabha MPs than the outgoing trinmool congress. Congress can not involve both the parties who are rival to each other however support from any one party will be enough as I mentioned earlier. So thus, the current government is not in danger but ....... both the parties are against FDI in retail and price hike.....so to get the support from them....they will have to roll back the reform decisions. But FDI in retail is the decision which cost them withdrawal of support from TMC....now how can  they go back on their decisions ? Also .... Mamata banerjee also blamed the govt that they have brought FDI issue back in the news so that nation can forget COALGATE and other scams done by Congress ministers. 

In her speech while withdrawing support from UPA 2 government, Mamata banerjee said if Midterm polls are the only option ... let it be. And the govt is resposible for it and not they as an ally. She also took on government by saying that everyday new scams comes out of the congress party. And she is tired supporting such government who does not even consult with her while taking big decisions. She was angry on media also when she was asked which party she would support in midterm poll or next general election if held in 2014...to which she replied...We will fight alone. But she talked about black money and other things which were issued raised by BJP and NDA hence we can speculate that she may join NDA or third front if it arises  out of no where. DMK, one more ally in UPA 2 government is also joining Bharat bandh on 20th september  in oppose of Govt's decisions which angried other parties and aam aadmi of the nation. If DMK also withdraws support Government will fall and national will see Midterm poll.

BJP welcomed Mamata banerjee's decision saying der aaye durast aaye. while Left parties who are rival of Trinamool congress...said that Mamata has habit of going on back on her words. Lets see....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Akhilesh yadav is New chief minister of Uttar Pradesh

Image : Akhilesh yadav is New chief minister of Uttar Pradesh

As expected, Name of Akhileh yadav has been choosen by Winning Samajwadi party MLAs for the post of Uttar Pradesh Chief minister. For past few days since the result was declared, speculations were going on abt him being rewarded for his effort of bringing Samajwadi party back to the power. Badhai ho !!!