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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lalu prasad yadav on bihar result 2010

Some people wants to leave in imaginative world , some accept reality. But some people try to fool people by trying to proove reality as mysterious things.

RJD Chief Lalu Prasad yadav who wanted to become the chief minister of Bihar without even contesting the Bihar assembly election 2010 from any of 243 vidhan sabha seats , Now says , The result is mysterious and miraculous. There is some 'Rahasya' Behind the Bihar election results 2010. And no secret - Rahasya can remain secret in Bihar. He will findout why they could not win and why Bihari voters gave such a huge mandate in favour of NDA i.e. JDU and BJP. His wife Rabri Devi contest assembly election from 2 seats and lost the election from the both.

Lalu's Statemement is really ridiculous. Dear Lalu , There is no secret. It is only that Nitish kumar and BJP did the work for the people of Bihar for which people elect you. They did no miracle but executed the plans they had for law and order and economic development of Bihar.

You got the warning with Lok sabha election results, But you did not learn the lessons. And the Verdict is here. Jai ho Indian Voters !!!!

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