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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JDU BJP Win Bihar election 2010

As the results of Bihar assembly elections 2010 are out , Everyone has accepted that JDU BJP has won Bihar election 2010. The NDA alliance is winning around 200+ bihar vidhan sabha seats which is a biggest ever victory by any alliance in history of India.

Rahul gandhi , Lalu prasad yadav and Ramwilas paswan could not do anything to remove NDA ( JDU - BJP ) From the power. Guess , Peope of Bihar voted for Development and in the names of Caste , Religion, and other things. This is a good sign for Democracy. It is hightime people stop making fun of Bihar by making jokes on them. The Bihar voters have show the India that They are not fool. It is only that they did not have better option earlier. They too want to peace , safety , better economy , proper allocation of money / food and civic services. Biharis proved that Change is Possible. Now the other voters need to follow the trend and vote for realities and not on the basis of perceptions.

Take a Bow Dear Bihari Voters.


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