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Friday, April 3, 2009

BJP Manifesto 2009

BJP ( Bhartiya Janata Party ) has chose Ramnavmi to declared its Manifesto for lok sabha election 2009.

The BJP Manifesto is prepared by senior BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar joshi. BJP has declared Lok sabha election manifesto after 11 years.

The BJP Manifesto has included various imp issue targeted at Senior Citizens women , Youth of India , Farmers , Army men etc.

Highlights of The promises by BJP in Manifesto 2009 :
  • BJP has promised Ram Mandir construction if it gets majority and wins lok sabha election 2009
  • BJP will protect Ram Setu.
  • BJP will create the POTA like act to deal with Terrorism
  • India will stop illegal migrants from India Bangladesh border
  • Rice and wheat will be available at rs 2 per kilo to poor family if BJP comes to power at delhi.
  • To free Farmers from the debt , BJP has promised Debt waiver for indian farmers in its Manifesto.
  • Bhartiya Janata Party will cut down the computer prices if it wins general elections 2009.
  • BJP will take strict action to bring back illegal black money from the Swiss banks .
  • IF BJP wins lok sabha poll 2009 , it will upgrade Income Tax slab to 3.5 lakh
  • The BJP has promised for implementation for common civil code if it comes to power.
  • The Bhartiya janata party will abolish the article 370 if it wins lok sabha election 2009.
  • Army Men will be free and wont require to pay income tax.


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