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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midterm poll in 2012 as Mamata banerjee withdraws support to UPA 2 government ?

No and Yes. Both the answers possible. Though Mamata banerjee withdrew her support from current UPA 2 government, Manmohan singh still has enough members in loksabha to go on. But two other regional political parties like BSP and SP on which Congress is counting to continue UPA 2 government, are also no happy with FDI reforms and un reasonable  Diesel petrol price hike which took national as granted.

Mamata banerjee was part of government while these two regional parties of uttar pradesh  are outside supporters. Both the parties have more lok sabha MPs than the outgoing trinmool congress. Congress can not involve both the parties who are rival to each other however support from any one party will be enough as I mentioned earlier. So thus, the current government is not in danger but ....... both the parties are against FDI in retail and price hike.....so to get the support from them....they will have to roll back the reform decisions. But FDI in retail is the decision which cost them withdrawal of support from TMC....now how can  they go back on their decisions ? Also .... Mamata banerjee also blamed the govt that they have brought FDI issue back in the news so that nation can forget COALGATE and other scams done by Congress ministers. 

In her speech while withdrawing support from UPA 2 government, Mamata banerjee said if Midterm polls are the only option ... let it be. And the govt is resposible for it and not they as an ally. She also took on government by saying that everyday new scams comes out of the congress party. And she is tired supporting such government who does not even consult with her while taking big decisions. She was angry on media also when she was asked which party she would support in midterm poll or next general election if held in 2014...to which she replied...We will fight alone. But she talked about black money and other things which were issued raised by BJP and NDA hence we can speculate that she may join NDA or third front if it arises  out of no where. DMK, one more ally in UPA 2 government is also joining Bharat bandh on 20th september  in oppose of Govt's decisions which angried other parties and aam aadmi of the nation. If DMK also withdraws support Government will fall and national will see Midterm poll.

BJP welcomed Mamata banerjee's decision saying der aaye durast aaye. while Left parties who are rival of Trinamool congress...said that Mamata has habit of going on back on her words. Lets see....


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