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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sonia gandhi attacks Nitish Kumar

UPA leader Soniya gandhi attacked Chief Minister of Bihar shree Nitish Kumar by alleging that NDA in Bihar lead by Nitish kumar earned credit for development and projects schemes which are actually Central govt's schemes.

Thus Sonia gandhi has initiative congress' Bihar vidhan sabha chunav campaigning.

Sonia gandhi has asked Bihar congress party workers to create awareness amongst Bihar voters about this so that congress can win more seats in bihar election 2010.

Come October 2010 and 4 way fight will take place during Bihar assemly elections. Congress is there, LJP RJD alliance is there, Ruling NDA alliance of JDU and BJP is there and now SJD - Samajwadi janata dal by Devendra Prasad yadav is there .

tune in this bihar election 2010 blog for regular news updates on Bihar assembly election 2010.


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