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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Manmohan singh next PM of India for 15th loksabha

As The Results of Lok sabha election 2009 have given clear mandate to Congress led UPA alliance, Manmohan singh will be the next PM of India for 15th loksabha of india .

Manmohan singh had successfully completed his term as Prime Minister of India for 14th Indian Loksabha. Economies MMS has many time said that he is not a politician. But by accident he has joined politics .

Manmohan singh is one of the few Indian Politicians who command respect even from oppositions. After 14th lok sabha election results were declared , and Sonia Gandhi's name was on top to become the Prime Minister of India , Various people protested against her , the sensex - stock market fall , but as soon as she declared the name of Dr. Manmohan Singh for Prime Minister of India , that decision was welcomed by everyone in the country including Corporates. And the stock market went up with the news of MMS becoming the Prime Minister of India.

MMS - manmohan singh was Finance Minister in 1991 during the government of rao . Liberalisation , and entry of MNCs in India is due to his 1991 industrial Policy .

A very soft spoken Dr man mohan singh was recently hailed by US President Barack Obama during MMS' visit to USA.

BJP and many others attacked Manmohan Singh by calling him Weakest of Prime Ministers of India . He is also called the puppet many times. But It is because of his clean image , today he is Going to Become the Next Prime Minister of India once again.

Congratulations to Dr. Man Mohan Singh and expect him to take right actions to fight terrorism in india and most importantly the Recession and strengthening indian Economy .

Hope we will have Stable 15th loksabha ahead.


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