Loksabha election

Monday, May 18, 2009

India Expects Young Cabinet in 15th loksabha

The whole lok sabha election 2009 was fought keeping Youth of India as a main target. Both the national Parties Congress and BJP keep no stone unturned to attract the youth. For Congress Party Rahul Gandhi did the job to attract the youth of india , and the results were fruitful to the efforts made by Rahul Gandhi of Congress Led UPA which going to form the government this week.

As they gave big promises about youth empowerment , now it is their turn to fulfill those promises by invite more and more young Mps in their cabinet.  The Ministry of 15th lok sabha should be more of young MPs with guidance from senior and experienced leaders.

Many Young MPs from The Congress Party have won the lok sabha elections 2009. Some of them are Sachin Pilot , Milind Deora , Priya Dutt , etc. All people should also be invited to join cabinet along with rahul gandhi ofcourse.


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